Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Scam Email

Over the past 5 or 6 years I have received quite a few scam emails. Many have seen the average run of the mill scams that try to convince the reader that thousands or even millions are to be had with unclaimed lottery winnings or money that needs the help of a stranger to move it out of country or whatever they are dreaming up in 419 land. http://419eater.com/

Recently The scammers have been targeting specific industries. They send an email requesting a quote or say they want something you have listed online for sale. Then they want you to send it to them using a specified shipper. Some even ask for too much information.

Well I saved some for all to see. They have all been copied from my email exactly how I received them.

The first one is from Ghana. Be very suspicious of anything from there.
This is one I responded to for kicks. Larry was willing to pay $100,000.00 for a tarp worth about $1,000.00 and put it on a MasterCard. Then he would send me a check to pay for the shipping company he wanted me to use. Kinda weird he wanted to use two methods of payment.

Am Mr.Larry martins and will like to place an order regarding some tarp
from your company to a firm work in Ghana. I will appreciate you email me back with the size tarp 30x30 ,also your terms of payment as well.I will like to be one of your honest customer's and hope you answer to my request ASAP.Dont hesitate to email me back.Thank you very much and waiting for your prompt responds.
Best Regards,
Larry martins.

Alan didn't even read my add. I have a general listing with no particular item for sale.

Hello ,

I would love to buy your item,i am okay with the price ,all i wanna know if it's still in good conditions for use and if you're willing to accept a personal check or cashier check as a form of payment because that is the only way i can make payment available for the item .I want this transaction to be fast so if you're okay with my form of payment kindly get back with the following information 's for me to issue the payment to you immediately:

Full name... Full address.... City... State... Zip code... phone number...

as soon as i receive the requires details from you i will immediately instruct my secretary to proceed with the issuance of check to your name and mailed to your address. And also,, don't worry about the pick up, i know a forwarding courier services here that will pick it up. And it would be done after you've got your check cashed. I will be waiting for your response soonest as i want the item as soon as possible. I am really interested because i want to get it for my in law,i wouldn't want to loose it because this is like a surprise package for my inlaw so i wouldn't mind a $70 extra for you for the item so you can be able to hold the item for me and also tell other interested parties that it has been sold .if this is okay with get back with the information today.


Here is another one from a general listing.

i am intrested in this under listed above items, i will like to know if the items is still availabe for sells.get back to me soon..

Here is one that came in from my website contact page.
Kelvin sounds like a good honest Christian; doesn't he?

Am Kelvin Chris and will like to place an order regarding some Tarpaulin from your company to Singapore.I will really appreciate you email me back with those that you carry in stock and their price ranges,also your terms of payment as well.I will like to be one of your honest customer and hope you answer to my request ASAP.Thank you very much and waiting for your prompt responds.God Bless You.

Best Regard


I had a lift canopy for sale on craigslist. I thought that Dave just misread the add so I responded. I asked him where he was located and maybe I could help him find what he was looking for. He emailed me back right away asking for payment options and what company to ship the product with.

My name is David Mansell.With regards to your company, I will like to know if you do have Boat lift for sale?.If yes,kindly reply me back.
Thank you.
David Mansell

Sometimes they are short and to the point.

hello,do you still have this for sale,am interested in it, and let me know if it is in good condition

Now Kenny is way off the mark. I don't remember posting an outboard for sale. I don't have a place in Miami. When you click the link it sends you to a get rich quick site.


I observed your post listed on 17/12/2009. I read that you have a place in miami.

You don't be made to try to sell your 2009 EVINRUDE E-TEC 300 HP 25 C/R Pair 12Hrs. outboard motors #2545 - $35900 (Riviera beach Fl 33404). See my website for another option. I am positive it will will help you.

Check here for extra details at this url

Thank You Kenny

As you can see, the scammers are more creative. They even use the phone. I recently got a call from a service that help the deaf have phone conversations. It turned out to be another way the scammers contact their victims. I would have never thought of that.

I still remember the first email I received asking for a large order to a company in Ghana. I was so excited to get the ball rolling until I realized what was going on. What a waist of time. I spent 2 hours on a quote and got some of my vendors going too. It wasn't any fun to call them back to say I had almost been scammed.

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  1. Interesting! I like that you gave examples of the emails.